(1914 - 1995)
Yvon Coté was born in Petite-Anse in 1914. He worked most of his life in Grande-Vallee, Quebec.
He specialized in animal sculpture in the round. Yvon Coté's birds included detailed feather carving on the wing and tail, carved eyes and metal paws threaded with green fishing line. Cote created a soft natural look with his distinctive knife mark finish and his innovative color technique using colour pencil sealed by multiple coats of varnish.

In the summer of 2002 the Musé Yvon Coté in Grande-Vallée opened to pay tribute to this great sculptor. His work is included in many private collections throughout North America.

Ref: Adrien Levasseur, Sculpteurs en Art Populaire au Québec (2008).


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