1886 - 1987
John Vivolo was born in Accri, Italy. When he was 14 his father raised enough money to send him to America. He worked as a baker, a butcher, a mason and a dynamiter. In 1931 his wife died and left him with 7 children to raise alone. John eventually moved to Bloomfield, Connecticut.

John Vivolo retired at the age of 71 and started carving small figures. He referred to his carvings as "all my wooden children". He painted most of the figures. He also made whirlygigs.

John Vivolo's 300 or so carvings are in many private collections, and the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. He was the subject of a 1976 book entitled "Vivolo and His Wooden Children" by Ken Laffal.


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Smoking Man with Cane

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