1910 - 1991

John "Jack" Savitsky was born in 1910 in Silver Creek Pennsylvania. Savitsky went to work in the mines after the sixth grade. After working for 35 years the mine closed and at the suggestion of his son Jack he took up painting and drawing.

Savitsky's pictures depict the life and hardships of the coal miners and their families in rural Pennsylvania. He also painted religious pictures, peaceable kingdoms, Adam and Eve and Uncle Sam. He painted on canvas board and masonite with oils and acrylics or did drawings on paper, cardboard and box tops with colored pencils, pens and pastels.

Savitsky’s work can be found in a number of museum collections, including the Smithsonian, the Museum of American Folk Art in New York, the Abby Aldridge Rockefeller Collection, the Milwaukee Museum, the National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC and the Birmingham Museum of Art. Herbert Hemphill Jr. used a Savitsky painting for the cover of his book "Twentieth Century Folk Art and Artists".

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Bootleging Coal     Scratching For A Living

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