Ian Pyper
(1955 - )
Ian Pyper was born in Liverpool, England in 1955, and moved to Brighton in 1995. He is self-taught, and has drawn all of his life. He decribes his work as a "form of pure meditation and spiritual contemplation". His work has been exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Japan, and can be found in collections world wide.

In an article for Raw Vision magazine, Kate Howlett-Jones described Ian as "... full of conflicts; a frank, unaffected man who has little truck with the pretensions of the art world, he is at the same time intensely passionate about his drawing. He is a spiritual pragmatist; a modernist with sentimental tendencies; a down to earth eccentric."

Ian has been the subject of articles in Les Friches de l'art (where his work was decribed as "paleolithique moderne"), Raw Vision, Resurgence and The Surface, and he is one of 12 artists featured in a new book entitled Black Tide; Ink Drawings by Human Beings.

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