(1918 - 2012)
Patricia PromainePatricia Promaine or “Grams” as her family and friends called her continued to paint until she passed away in 2012. She lived on a farm near Waterloo, Ontario. Patricia became acquainted with the Mennonite and Amish neighbours and often included scenes from their community in her paintings.

Most of her scenes are fascinating portraits of clapboard houses, fences and fields, humorous strokes of barn raisings, harvests and hearty outdoor lunches. They document the bustling work and social activities of rural happenings such as Amish children chasing chickens, women hanging quilts or their Sunday best (whites, blues and black) on the clothes line and little faces looking out of the rear of a horse drawn buggy. Each acrylic piece reads more like a really good book. Look long enough and you can almost feel a warm, summer breeze sweeping across the busy yards and country lanes.

As she put her inspirations and images on canvas she started showing her work in well-known galleries in places such as North Hatley, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. She only painted three to four paintings a year. Patricia Promaines’ original paintings number less than 200 and are not reproduced.

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The Wedding The The Market