George Munroe was born in England. He moved to Cape Breton to work in the steel plant as a rigger. According to his family he always went to work in a suit and tie and he was fastidious about his attire.

As a hobby, George carved small figures of people with articulated arms, and often included a Red Rose tea ceramic figurine on the stand alongside the carved figure. He did not sell his work, but gave it away to family and friends.

George passed away in 1983 without the public or any art dealers having become aware of his work. When artist Lorne Reid discovered George’s carvings through a mutual friend in 1988, he approached the family who agreed to part with several carvings. Because of the limited number of carvings in the public realm, only a few dedicated folk art collectors and folk artists have had the pleasure of seeing and enjoying George’s unique carvings.




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