(1914 - )
Gordon Law whittled all of his life and often made carvings for his children. Gordon's father Ivan Law is well known for his carvings of sleighs, barns and the animals that went with them. Gordon would assist his father and after his death continued to carve similar subjects. His carvings were influenced by his work experience at General Motors where he worked for twenty-five years in the machine shop.

Gordon took several painting courses but was more successful in expressing himself through his carving. After he retired he spent a lot of time reading Greek and Roman Mythology. In 1981 he started his mythological series. He wrote about twenty poems and illustrated them by carving figures and building equipment to match the poems. Law often uses Greek myth to reflect on his own life: his message involves courage in the face of adversity.

When Gordon was asked about his art he said "I have always had a philosophy that, if a thing can be done, it can be done by me if I set my mind to it. Although I know that that is not strictly true, I think it is a desirable attitude. Consequently I have been busy all my life doing something that I have liked doing and I have hardly had a boring day in my life."

Ref: The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ye Gods! Gordon Law (1 December 1988 - 8 January 1988); Kobayashi/Bird, A Compendium of Canadian Folk Artists (1985); Blake McKendry, An Illustrated Companion to Canadian Folk Art (1999).


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