(1908 - 1992)
Gérard DemersMr. Gérard Demers was born in St-Nicolas in 1908. Mr. Demers was a contractor and did not start carving full time until his retirement at the age of 65. He would carve his unique people in his basement and sell them in a local flea market and from his home. He never signed or dated his artwork.

Gérard's carvings can be found throughout North America. Several of his carvings are in the collection of the Museum of History.

Gérard developed Alzheimers disease in his early eighties and he was no longer able to continue carving. He passed away on the 29th of June, 1992.

Ref: Adrien Levasseur, Sculpteurs en Art Populaire au Quebec (2008).

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Gérard Demers Couple on Swing


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