Don Cadoret grew up in rural central Massachusetts. He completed and exhibited his first painting in 1972. Don has never received any art training. He decided early on that he enjoyed painting his own way and telling stories with acrylic paint. Don found that his ability to interpret different stories, in his own painterly style, was of interest to many friends and collectors. After forty years his style and colour use has evolved and he refers to his work as "story painting". According to Don "collectors and museums, though, seem to better understand my work by qualifying it as folk painting, illustrative, self-taught or naive art. I'm not offended. All art is personal and it's imperative to me that I personalize my work in a way that speaks to the heart of the viewer and the artist."

Don lives with his wife Johanna in Rhode Island and her passion for children and teaching kindergarten is a another key source of inspiration for his storypaintings.

Don Cadoret's work has been exhibited in the Clinton White House, the Cahoon Museum of American Art, the Newport Art Museum, the Le Musee D’Art Naif in Montreal, the State House in Boston, Hancock Shaker Museum, the Frank Miele Gallery in New York City, Gallery Americana in Houston and most recently the Art Stable Gallery in Westport, MA.

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Don Cadoret My Budding Romance     Don Cadoret Under Our Fireworks

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