Black Sheep Gallery Another update and another snowstorm this weekend. It looks like a winter wonderland in Nova Scotia. To warm things up we can savor the heat of the madodoswun (sweat lodge) in Norval Morrisseau’s wonderful rendition in acrylic on canvas.

We have some great artwork by Ransford Naugler. Before taking up carving, Ransford spent his early years “doing whatever I could get and giving it my best”. Carving came naturally to Ransford. When interviewed he said, “it’s something that comes right out of your head”, and we can attest to the fact that some wonderfully original carving ideas have come out of Ransford’s head. We are pleased to offer the first “Mountie” Ransford carved. It is over 6 feet tall, dressed in red serge, and will salute you every time you enter the room. In addition we have three little quackers and a beaver from Ransford’s gifted hands. These small geese are just the size to fit nicely into a bookshelf.

And finally, we have a tinker’s wagon by Donald Armstrong. He hasn’t done any carvings in some time. Donald will be 103 this year and he loves to receive mail at the senior’s residence where he currently lives, especially from people who are interested in his work.

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